Quality EDGAR Solutions – The XBRL Experts…

Quality EDGAR Solutions provides the finest XBRL service in the industry. Our XBRL department is comprised of Certified Public Accountants who have many year’s external SEC reporting experience and are highly knowledgeable in US GAAP and IFRS.

How We Are Different/Better

Our in-house XBRL experts affords our clients the ability to call and speak directly with the Quality EDGAR XBRL team to discuss any changes or questions they may have. Access and Communication are key.

XBRL workflow

Quality EDGAR Solutions offers flat-rate pricing for XBRL services including:

  • Detailed tagging & mapping
  • Editing cycles
  • Flexible XBRL pencils down time
  • Benchmarking against peer groups
  • Consulting with our in-house CPA team is included with service

Efficiency is the key to success with Quality EDGAR Solutions and our in-house Certified Public Accounting experts provides you with ongoing assurance that:

  • XBRL Data is tagged as required (Completeness)
  • Clients have the correct tag and it is correctly extended (Mapping)
  • The XBRL metadata is consistent with the underlying source (HTML) document (Consistency)
  • Passes SEC technical validation and Edgar Filer Manual requirements (Structure)

Mutual Fund XBRL (Risk/Return)

Quality EDGAR Solutions is the industry-leader for Mutual Fund Risk/Return XBRL. Our enhanced internal Mutual Fund XBRL process developed by our in-house Certified Public Accountants assures the XBRL data is accurate, compliant and error-free as directed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Our Mutual Fund XBRL service includes the following:

  • Documents processed by our in-house CPA team
  • Logical and low-cost pricing for series and class XBRL mapping
  • Professional Customer Service team with 24 hour access
  • We exceed all turnaround requirements