QES Section 16: Fast, Comprehensive, and Easy-to-Use SEC Compliance Web Application

At Quality EDGAR Solutions, we have built our businesses around bringing you comprehensive SEC Compliance and Edgar Filing Solutions in a fast, easy-to-use, and affordable manner. Now, with our new web-based Section 16 compliance filing software, QES Sec16, creating, organizing and filing your SEC Form 3, 4, and 5 has never been easier — or quicker. Here’s what QES Sec16 can do.

Improved Control and Increased Efficiency

Since the SEC requires the disclosure of transactions to be filed on Form 3, 4 and 5 by corporate insiders within 48 hours of a transaction, having your Section 16 forms completed efficiently and accurately is vital for your business.

With QES Sec16, efficiency is maximized through easy-to-use form-completion online application, eliminating third-party involvement and not subjecting you to the resources, personnel, or limited hours of another provider. Fully web-based, QES Sec16 is usable anywhere anytime — 24/7, 7 days a week.

QES Sec16 also automatically updates with the latest in SEC mandates and regulations, saving you extra time and ensuring correct compliance. Documents are also instantaneously sent to the SEC, saving you even more time.

Eliminate Rework and Work in Real-Time

QES Sec16’s innovative system stores filer profiles and filing history, eliminating rekeying and reducing the chances for mistakes in the filing process. Together with its intuitive auto-complete feature, QES Sec16 drastically simplifies future filings and amendments.

Without tacking on any extra fees, QES Sec16 also enables email distributions of document proofs to others for review, eliminating the need to go through a third party, and making the entire process faster, more cost-effective, and less error-prone.

Selectable Fee Structures

As a completely web-based application, QES Sec16 does not require you to install any software onto your system. Nor do you have to “buy” any upgrade features, or costly programs. QES Sec16 uses a fully customizable fee structure, where you can select to pay per filing or annually. You can also select a fee structure that matches your individual or corporate needs.

Save time and increase efficiency with QES Sec16 today! If you have questions, please contact our team in New York at: (212) 651-9958