Quality EDGAR Solutions, a leading SEC EDGAR, Financial Print and Technology company offers cost-effective and customizable software solutions to efficiently manage N-PORT and N-CEN reporting requirements and transmissions.

Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN are two new reporting forms adopted by the SEC. These filings require Registered Investment Companies to report certain information about their funds. Forms N-Q and N-SAR are replaced with N-PORT and N-CEN in XML format.

To manage the June 2018 and June 2019 roll out of these forms, QES offers our customers three (3) processing and transmission options:

  • Self-managed responsive cloud-based technology portal to manage forms.
  • Full service with our subject matter document processing experts.
  • Customized solution that integrates (API) with existing internal systems and workflow.

The Quality EDGAR Solutions technology suite of services allows companies to quickly respond to the changing regulations with a quick and cost-effective reporting solution.

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